Individual Psychotherapy: I work with a diverse clientele seeking help for a variety of reasons including anxiety, depression, life changes, difficult relationships, pregnancy/postpartum, school/work challenges and self exploration.

Eating Disorders: Treatment and Services

Individual Psychotherapy: We will work together to; develop better understanding into what maintains your eating issues, alleviate problem behaviors, find solutions, help to build a better and more satisfying life without your eating disorder.

Enhanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT-E): The leading evidenced based treatment for adults with eating disorders. You can learn more about CBT-E here.

Family Based Treatment (FBT): Also known as “Maudsley.” FBT is an evidenced based treatment designed for early intervention with children and adolescents struggling with eating disorders. FBT empowers the family to take an active role in their child’s recovery. FBT’s goal is to return the child/adolescent to normal eating and development. You can learn more about FBT/Maudsley here.

Meal Support: Provided either in home or at a local restaurant. A great way to receive support while learning new coping skills and strategies to manage anxiety provoking situations.

Consultation and Education: I provide consultation and workshops on eating disorders, body image and self esteem.


Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250